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  1. เห็นพูดกันนักหนา แล้วรู้ไหมมันคืออะไร
  2. บทบาทของฟีโรโมนต่อการเกิดใหม่ของเซลล์ประสาทในสมองส่วนออลแฟกตอรีบัลบ์และฮิปโปแคมปัส
  3. อยากได้ความรู้เรื่องของฟิโรโมน โดยเฉพาะในงูครับ.
  4. ไรจะเกิดขึ้น เมื่อมดปล่อยฟีโรโมน
  5. Bio article
  6. Human Pheromones: Integrating Neuroendocrinology and Ethology
  7. Brain activity is influenced by chemical signals undetectable as odors
  8. Human Pheromones: Integrating Neuroendocrinology and Etholog - (pdf version here)
  9. Pheromones (human and insect)
  10. JVK on DHEA metabolism and androsterone/etiocholanolone
  11. Study finds proof that humans react to pheromones
  12. Pheromones / Bioethics and Biotechnology
  13. The Human Pheromone Discovery
  14. Various articels on the subject of pheromones
  15. Pheromones And Sexuality
  16. Nailing Down Pheromones in Humans
  17. Human pheromones and facial characteristics
  18. Physical proof that pheromones work at the system level of humans
  19. Study about the relevance of the VNO in androstenone detection
  20. MHC molecules in the vomeronasal organ: contributors to pheromonal discrimination?
  21. Effects of putative male pheromones on female ratings of male attractiveness: influence of oral contraceptives and the menstrual cycle
  22. Psychological effects of subthreshold exposure to the putative human pheromone 4,16-androstadien-3-one
  23. Male Axillary Extracts Contain Pheromones that Affect Pulsatile Secretion of Luteinizing Hormone and Mood in Women Recipients
  24. Inducibility of olfactory sensitivity by odor exposure of persons with specific anosmia
  25. Pheromonal influences on sociosexual behavior in young women
  26. Pheromonal influences on sociosexual behavior in men
  27. Human exposure to putative pheromones and changes in aspects of social behaviour
  28. The scent of fear
  29. Sniffing human sex-steroid derived compounds modulates mood, memory and autonomic nervous system function in specific behavioral contexts
  30. Bacterial interaction with pheromones and proportions of pheromones on the body
  31. Snuggling up to a unshowered man relieves PMS symptoms
  32. Sniffing a human sex-steroid derived compound affects mood and autonomic arousal in a dose-dependent manner
  33. Sex-steroid derived compounds induce sex-specific effects on autonomic nervous system function in humans
  34. Researchers find chemosignal that encourages women's sexual desire
  35. Ultrasensitive pheromone detection by mammalian vomeronasal neurons
  36. Sweaty t-shirt study: Do MHC genes influence odor preference in men and women?


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